1.    What diploma will I receive at the end of my UWC years?

You will receive a diploma in International Baccalaureate.

2.    How many years is the UWC experience?

UWC comprises of 2 years equivalent to A levels/HSC. 

3.    How can I apply to UWC?

 First , you should find out if your school counselor has any information about UWC. Some schools like Scholastica and Sunbeams hold information sessions about UWC for Grade 10 students that would be very helpful to attend. During those sessions, you might also be handed the application that you need to fill out. If your school is not involved in student selection then you should contact the UWC Bangladesh National Committee's Administrator directly. Please visit the “how to apply” page of our website to know about the upcoming dates of selection. You can also download the application form from the website and submit it to our office before the deadline. We will then inform you if you are selected for the group activity and then interview. 

4.    Can I decide which campus to go to?

You can put your campus preference in the application form but there is no guarantee that we will be able to place you on your preferred campus.

5.    What time of the year does the selection take place?

The selection process usually takes place from September to March. Deadlines may vary each year. You should check for deadlines on the website or call us directly.

6.    Who can apply to UWC?

Anyone who is:

  • a Bangladeshi citizen
  • has completed or in the process of completing or is in Class 10 / IGCSE / O level / SSC equivalent academic program
  • is 16 and under 18 years of age on 1st September in the year of entry to college

7.    What is the entrance exam like?

UWC Bangladesh's selection process does not have any entrance exam instead the students take part in group activity and interview session.

8.    Is there going to be an interview?

Yes! If you get a good accumulated score from the application you had submitted and group activity you will be called for an interview. 

9.    What subjects can I take in UWC?

Subjects will vary from campus to campus. Once selected you can visit the campus website of the respective school for more information. 

10.    Can I take Math HL (Higher Level) if I have done GCE O Level Pure/Advanced Math in Bangladesh?

You definitely can. However, Math HL is very challenging so it is suggested that you initially take 4 HL subjects (including Math HL) so that you can drop to SL (Standard Level) any time you find it necessary. Otherwise, after a month of a semester when you are comfortable with Math HL, you can drop another subject to SL  You are required to take at least 3 HL subjects and 3 standard level subjects. 

11.    How different are the studies in UWC from the studies in Bangladesh?

Studies at the UWC will include things like individual/group presentations, short papers to write, oral exams, interactive activities/simulations, detailed lab reports all of which you will be given instructions about before assigned. 

12.    What is CAS?

CAS stands for Creativity, Action, and Service. While at a UWC you must take at least 3 different types of extracurricular activities that fall under either Creativity, Action, or Service. For example, a sport like a basketball can be considered Action, Latin American Dance can be considered Creativity, and teaching English at a primary school can be considered Service. 

13.    Is there any application fee?

Yes! You will have to pay 2500/- BDT as an application fee.

14.    Does every selected student get a scholarship?

No, every student is not given a scholarship. The UWC scholarships are entirely need-based. If your application is successful, the exact scholarship amount will be determined based on your needs by the National Committee to ensure you’re able to benefit from a UWC education. 

15.    What kind of food is provided at a UWC?

UWC schools always provide vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods, with supplements like drinks, bread, fruits, etc. The foods vary greatly from campus to campus depending on their location. You can talk to your second year or an alumna/alumnus for further specific information. 

16.    How many nationalities are usually represented in a UWC?

Almost about 70 – 90 depending on the campus.